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Impact IT offers network infrastructure solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Therefore allowing them to benefit from the latest technologies and reducing their TCO as well.

Impact-IT is a global IT services company. Our focus is on the Network Infrastructure services arena, we work with advanced routing, advanced switching, data center, collaboration, and security. Our mission is to help our clients benefit from the latest and best technologies available. We create customized solutions where will help each client overcome their business challenges. Also, we help our clients with solutions that span from the white-board to the post-sales cycle. Our highly skilled team will help your business grow through the use of technology. Furthermore, we work together with our worldwide partners like Cisco, HP, Samsung, and Microsoft, to provide the best technology in the industry to our clients.

Our Networks Engineers have Cisco certified (CCNP & CCIE) and others with more than 10 years of experience in the field.


  • Efficiency: By its meaning, says the ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time, effort, and quality. That translates how we work, efficiently!

  • Care: We care about you! Yes, we do. We have this uncanny ability to turn your IT problem into your own customized solutions.

  • Conscious: We know how tired you are of having to deal with people who say they will resolve your infrastructure problem but in the end, you are left only with frustration. We are conscious, which means we are clearly aware of what we promise and deliver because our result is your satisfaction.

Impact IT, founder

Impact-IT is led by Thiago Henriques, (CCIE R&S). Thiago has more than 17 years of experience In Telecom services. Working for Fortune 5, 100, and 500 companies, he has gained extensive knowledge and understanding of what organizations need to improve their IT services, saving time and money. After founded Impact IT in 2016,  Thiago has been working on implementations and solutions for numerous clients in industries such as:

IBM, BB&T, PBV, VFC, R&L, Avis, Sirius, Assurant, and others. 

" Your triumph is our primary goal

We set it. You launch it. "

Thiago Henriques

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